silicone bracelets double layer



Dual-layer wristbands are shiny, spray-painted accessories with a colorful, stamped design.

The two-layer bracelets feature a special type of stamping, in which we spray the outer part of the bracelets with the colour of your choice, while the original stamped part retains the same colour as the original bracelets. The bracelets have a shiny texture due to the oil spray.

double layer silicone wristbands
silicone bracelets with design inside and outside
double layer silicone bracelets inside outside
Two-layer bracelets offer an eye-catching way of presenting a company’s logo or message. Simply put, dual-layer wristbands can be described as a variation of stamped silicone wristbands, with an added treatment process for a distinctive and colorful look. To create a unique look, your selected message and logo is pressed into the surface to create an engraving finish. After that, a new type of embossing is used, in which a special mixture is sprayed onto the outer edge. This allows for a different color on the outer surface while maintaining the original color of the embossed surface.


These bracelets add an extra touch to any design and help to make every message more memorable. This makes it possible for donors or customers to wear this durable accessory even after your event.

Despite the resemblance of the two-layer bracelets to the embossed silicone bracelets, the additional cost of this finishing is worthwhile. Working with more than one color offers the opportunity to present a logo or message in a variety of ways. This is a good way to promote fundraising and stand out from other organisations.